How To Stay Fit and Healthy This Holiday Season- Part 2

Here are some more tips on how to stay healthy during the holiday season! My clients have found these to be helpful with keeping them on track so I hope they help you too.

  1. Don’t deprive yourself: The all-or-nothing approach is hard for most people and can lead to over indulging at some point.  Everything in moderation and there is no problem with having one treat per day of about 150 calories or less as this helps to keep your cravings in check and prevent over indulging.  This could include two to three squares of dark chocolate, a couple of small cookies, or an individual chocolate pudding. You could also choose a few spoonfuls of ice cream or sorbet, a baked apple, a popsicle, or even a small brownie, cookie or s’more.  
  2. Staying with family isn’t an excuse to eat poorly: If you’re not a fan of what they’ve prepared or if you don’t like what they have in the house, offer to go food shopping and stock the house with items you both like.  They’re being very generous having you as a guest, so this gesture will go a long way for everybody.
  3. Stay hydrated: Not only is water good for hydration when you feel bloated, hydrating with water can be very helpful in decreasing the bloat.  Additionally, you’re less likely to over eat later on if you are well hydrated.  You may also find that your hunger has subsided. That’s because people often mistake hunger for thirst as they share many of the same symptoms.  So, make sure to drink plenty of water and you can also try adding in fruits and veggies like celery, cucumbers, grapefruit and watermelon to give it some flavor.
  4. If you had a bad day, it’s okay:  It’s the holidays and it’s normal to have a “cheat day”.  After all, you’ve made it through 12 months and we all like to celebrate the holidays and food is a part of that.  What to do? Go back to eating normally, drinking in moderation, and get yourself back to the gym.  Give your body a few days to adjust and avoid the scale. There’s no need to panic and you don’t have to go crazy with long and intense workouts.  You also shouldn’t skip meals or starve yourself. If you go from over indulging to deprivation, you’re only going to screw up your body and it’s going to take longer to regulate and get that weight off.  Most importantly, don’t let this derail or discourage you if you stopped following your healthy eating plan. Otherwise, you’re going to continue on this downward spiral which can be a disaster for your body and your mindset.  You had a slip up. You’re human. It’s okay to live a little and enjoy yourself.
  5. Avoid cleanses: Your body is already doing a cleanse so no need to spend the extra money and go through the added aggravation.  Your liver, kidneys and digestive system are natural filters and already rid your body of toxins.  Store bought cleanses can be dangerous and have unwanted side effects.  Short term these can include becoming light headed, moody, malnourished and it can be hard to focus. Long term, there is a high likelihood of putting the weight back on (plus more).  Also, they can be very expensive and who has the extra cash around the holiday season with all those gifts we are buying!  Instead, eliminate all artificial sweeteners and don’t add sugar or honey to anything. Stay away from added salt and cut out refined carbs like white rice, white bread, white pasta, and candy.  Instead, focus on fruits, vegetables, clean protein (chicken, fish, turkey and eggs) and whole grains. Of course, don’t forget to exercise too.

I hope these tips help you through this holiday season! If you’re interested in learning more please join the waitlist for my group coaching program

Wishing you all a very happy holidays!